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Finally you can protect your home from expensive damage caused by wastewater and sewer backups while controlling expensive installation costs, maintenance, and the problems associated with typical backwater valves and other backflow preventers commonly found on the market today.


A waste backwater valve, or backflow preventer, was meant to provide protection by preventing wastewater from entering your family's home. To guarantee the owner's safety, a waste backwater valve needs to be self-activating, have the ability to seal around solids commonly found in wastewater and alert the owner of a wastewater backup or malfunction. A waste backwater valve must also allow for full venting of gases and normal flowing of wastewater. A simple explanation of several different types of valves can be found by clicking "Tests" in the left hand menu, where you will learn about the failure of the flapper valve, the floating ball valve, and the gate valve. These different backflow preventers have been in public use for many years and they have unfortunately shown too many homeowners how they are not 100% reliable in the prevention of sewer and wastewater backup & basement flooding..

The Peterson Valve Company's PV-4300 is the solution. There is nothing available on the market today that can safeguard your home from expensive water damage like the PV-4300. Watch the movie!

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