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The PV-4300 is fully automatic and it's maintenance free!

waste backwater valves by the Peterson Valve Company - backflow preventers
basement flooding backflow preventers for sewer system backups and floods Watch the online movie
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Peterson Valve Company waste backwater valve

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The PV-4300 waste backwater valve - backflow preventer

Technical Information Of The Peterson Valve PV-4300


~ 22w x 18h x 11d (inches)
~ 120 Volts AC
~ 12 Volt rechargeable battery backup power supply
~ Weight: 55 pounds
~ Material: Painted Steel
~ Connections: .25 inch 150 PSI air hose hardwire
    junction box


~ Width: 17 inches
~ Length: 41.25 inches
~ Connects to 4" sewer line
~ Over 400 pounds of closing force
~ Weight: 50 pounds
~ Housing: powder coated, corrosion resistant
~ Valve: buna n rubber
~ Connections: .25 inch air line hardwire junction box

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