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In both design and function the PV-4300 is unique. With both electrical and mechanical sensors to monitor the wastewater level, it guarantees accurate operation!
With the PV-4300, re-packing of valve stems, costly clean-ups and downtime associated with other waste backwater valves are eliminated. The PV-4300 performance will now make flapper, ball, and gate valves obsolete for home waste back-water valve applications.

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Features of the Peterson Valve PV-4300 waste backwater valve - backflow preventer
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backflow preventer

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The PV-4300 is the most advanced development to date in waste back-water valve technology for home applications. By combining Peterson Valve Company's unique control system with a lower price than any comparable waste backwater valve, we offer:

Unmatchable Benefits!

+ Simple Installation
+ Self-activating system
+ Dual sensing methods
+ Seals around all wastewater solids
+ Unrestricted wastewater flow
+ Unaffected by sludge or sediment
+ No packing or stems to maintain
+ Unrestricted gas venting
+ Virtually maintenane free
+ Cleanable with a sewer snake
+ Quick disconnect for inspection
+ Battery back-up power supply
+ Audio/visual alarm, monitoring system